About Me

jessicatonge.co.uk was created in 2015 as a creative outlet, a hobby that I truly enjoyed and felt able to express my thoughts and opinions while being able to discuss them and share ideas with people who have the same interests. It was and still is a hobby where I could combine everything I love including the creation of each post and even the blog itself. I love learning, new skills, facts and information and I enjoy the full process. Writing was always my favourite at school, English my favourite lesson and finding new ways to express the words you mean to, creating stories that are intriguing and make you want to keep reading. Again this is something I am constantly continuing to learn and improve and I feel as though I may (hopefully) be slowly finding my own style to create each post in a way that is most interesting and recognisable to read as my writing by anyone who reads it.
Since being a toddler I have insisted on the type of clothing I would and wouldn’t wear, refusing anything other than dresses or skirts – and not much has changed. I’m undeniably a ‘girlie’ girl who loves anything and everything pink and pretty. I have always sought after a job where I could be creative, and although that didn’t quite happen as I expected it to, I love how I can be creative with my space on the internet. Combining almost anything I find inspiring or interesting into one hobby is wonderful. Especially photography and writing, which are of course two major parts to creating content. Both of which I relish the chance in learning more about.
For as long as I’ve been able to shop for I’ve had an obsession with clothes and spent pretty much everything I earned as a teenager on clothes. The full process of shopping was, and still is exciting to me, especially the trill of wearing a new dress and the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a successful day of shopping. I loved to go home and lay out everything I had just purchased and feeling so eager to wear each piece. As I learned more about make up my shopping interests grew. Although I’d still probably argue that I prefer buying clothes more frequently, I see make up as more of an investment and once I find a make up brand that I love I tend to stay with it.
My blog has changed and I feel as though it has grown as I have over the past year. My style has changed along with many other aspects. The main topics that I discuss are ones I adore, feel strongly about and love experimenting with. These include fashion, something which for me is constantly changing as I love trying new styles and finding outfits that I feel truly myself and comfortable in, beauty, I love trying new make up and beauty products and discovering new brands which become a part of my everyday routine as soon as I fall in love with them. Sharing my lifestyle and less materialistic aspects of my life is also very important to me. Additionally I share what’s going on in my life and the things that I’m currently enjoying such as experiences or cities I have traveled to. And more recently and interest in fitness and clean eating, plus living with a gluten and dairy free diet. Overall I share a variety of posts, all which are very relevant to me and my interests, such as product reviews, outfit posts, life events with the occasional recipe.
Since beginning my blog I have had the absolute pleasure of working with some inspirational brands and would love to continue to do so if I feel strongly about a brand or product.
If there is anything else you’d like to know, you can contact me at jessica.jtonge@gmail.com

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